The Remembrance Supper

Reminders for Commemorating the Remembrance Supper

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On April 6th of each year, Jesus lovers around the world will set aside the night, after sundown, to reenact the only religious ceremony Jesus ever instituted. We will do this in honor of our Sovereign, and in solidarity with Faith Sons around the world.

Whether we gather together in large groups or “in the upper room of a friend,” here are a few things we want to keep in mind:

One: Jesus is Actually Present

​If we are gathering together with our hearts and minds focused on our Sovereign, know that Jesus is actually present in our midst by means of the Spirit of Truth – Jesus without the body – which ignites the spirit of the Father that dwells within us.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them."
– Matthew 18:20

​“This supper of remembrance, when it is partaken of by those who are Son-believing and God-knowing, does not need to have associated with its symbolism any of man's puerile misinterpretations regarding the meaning of the divine presence, for upon all such occasions the Master is really present. The remembrance supper is the believer's symbolic rendezvous with Michael. When you become thus spirit-conscious, the Son is actually present, and his spirit fraternizes with the indwelling fragment of his Father.”
– UB 179:5.6

​Two: Our Celestial Family is Actually Present

Many Faith Sons have progressed to the point of having their own Guardian Seraphim appointed to watch over them. These Seraphim will also be present at the Remembrance Supper accompanying their wards. And because this is a night of great universal importance, wherever there is a gathering to commemorate the Remembrance Supper, we can be certain that Midwayers and other revealed and unrevealed personalities who may be in the vicinity will also be present. Our celestial family is keenly interested in the spiritual progress of our planet and are eager to work with all who manifest a desire to further Michael’s agenda of developing and fostering a worldwide spiritual brotherhood founded on the life and teachings of Jesus.

​Three: Invite our Celestial Family to Join

Many begin the Remembrance Supper with a heartfelt prayer thanking Christ Michael, Jesus of Nazareth, for his bestowal mission, for his loyally upholding and revealing our Universal Father – the First Source and Center of all creation – for showing us the way to the heavenly career and demonstrating how to ‘be perfect as our heavenly Father is perfect.’ In your prayers, do not forget to invite our celestial family into your commemoration. Though they are to us mortals unseen, they also benefitted from Jesus’ bestowal mission on Urantia and also honor his life and teachings.

​Four: We Must Approach the Evening with ‘Cleansed Feet’

​In the 1st century, it was the custom to wash one’s feet before sitting at a meal. This task was usually performed by a servant. On the night of the inaugural Remembrance Supper, the apostles ignored this custom as they were too wrapped up in their own importance and other mundane matters, and fell to arguing among themselves. They were filthy not only on their feet, but also in their attitude. And so, before allowing them to partake in this special supper, Jesus demonstrated the type of brotherly love they should have shown toward one another by washing the feet of each apostle himself.

​In this 21st century, most places around the globe do not have that custom. Yet all should approach the Supper with a cleansed heart and a cleansed conscience. We must set aside petty bickering, let go of wrongs committed against us, whether real or imagined, abandon the need to assert our self-importance, and allow knowledge to take a back seat to faith.

​Five: Meanings Override Symbols

​The Remembrance Supper is an occasion to honor and remember the many facets of the life and teachings of Jesus. Knowing the importance of symbolism to mortals, Jesus used parables and symbols on this night to teach them profound truths in a way they will remember. Unfortunately, the Remembrance Supper has become over-ritualized, and the symbols have become more important than the things they symbolize.

“In instituting this remembrance supper, the Master, as was always his habit, resorted to parables and symbols. He employed symbols because he wanted to teach certain great spiritual truths in such a manner as to make it difficult for his successors to attach precise interpretations and definite meanings to his words. In this way he sought to prevent successive generations from crystallizing his teaching and binding down his spiritual meanings by the dead chains of tradition and dogma. In the establishment of the only ceremony or sacrament associated with his whole life mission, Jesus took great pains to suggest his meanings rather than to commit himself to precise definitions. He did not wish to destroy the individual’s concept of divine communion by establishing a precise form; neither did he desire to limit the believer’s spiritual imagination by formally cramping it. He rather sought to set man’s reborn soul free upon the joyous wings of a new and living spiritual liberty.

​“Notwithstanding the Master’s effort thus to establish this new sacrament of the remembrance, those who followed after him in the intervening centuries saw to it that his express desire was effectively thwarted in that his simple spiritual symbolism of that last night in the flesh has been reduced to precise interpretations and subjected to the almost mathematical precision of a set formula. Of all Jesus’ teachings none have become more tradition-standardized.”
– UB 179:5.4-5

As we reenact the Remembrance Supper in our homes, let us keep in mind that the symbols and rituals are not what is most important. The reality is that many Faith Sons do not have the means to obtain large quantities of bread and wine, and some Faith Sons have allergies to some bread products or choose to abstain from alcohol. These limitations do not prevent these faith sons from reenacting the Supper because the meanings of the symbols take precedence.

For example, it is not mandatory that we have unleavened bread. Any common foodstuff will suffice. What is important is that we acknowledge ‘the bread of life’ – “the word of the Father as revealed in the son.” We do not have to have red wine. Any beverage will do. But we do need to acknowledge the pouring out of the Spirit of Truth which instituted “the new dispensation of grace and truth.” Nor is it necessary that we pass among us a common loaf or a common cup. It is only necessary that our meal be communal and partaken of together in the presence of one another.

Six: Recall Jesus Life and Teachings

We should not forget the purpose for the Remembrance Supper. It is more than a mere sharing of a meal. It is an occasion to remember together the life and teachings of Jesus so that we can imitate his faith. So, take this occasion to speak about Jesus and what his life means to you. Recall the many parables he taught throughout his ministry and the many subjects he discussed that evening alone:

  • ​that if we love him, we will observe his commandments
  • that he is the true vine and we must remain in union with him
  • that we must keep on bearing much fruit
  • that we must love one another as he loved us
  • that we can ask anything in his name
  • that we are not alone
  • that we will be guided by the Spirit of Truth
  • and that he conquered the world and so can we

For as long as we live on this planet, we will need to remember the life and teachings of Jesus. They are the life blood of the spiritual brotherhood that is the next benchmark for Urantia’s progress. We cannot hope to have a visitation of a Teacher Son and the millennium of peace until the majority of mankind has learned to love one another and has subjected themselves to the authority of our Sovereign Michael. Never again will Urantian’s be allowed to disrespect a divine Son of God. Thus, no amount of academic learning or even revelation will take the place of the actual teachings and life work of our Sovereign.

​Seven: Thank and Release our Celestial Family

When the evening is complete, be sure to acknowledge and thank our celestial family for sharing the evening with us. Let them know that we look forward to their support and nudging to keep us on the path we reinforced this night, and to lead us to opportunities to share the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. Acknowledging the existence of our unseen family and appreciating their ever-willing support is vital to our spiritual wellbeing now and prepares us for the heavenly protocols in our perfectly ordered universe. And then finally, release them to carry on their work on behalf of our Sovereign and the mortal ascension plan.

​Beyond the Remembrance Supper

​April 6th is the annual commemoration of the Remembrance Supper, but we can also commemorate the Supper at other times and at other gatherings throughout the year to solidify our brotherhood. In fact, inviting a few family and friends to commemorate a Remembrance Supper is a great way to start and develop a local spiritual fellowship.

And let us not begin the following day as if nothing happened. Remember the night and the lessons discussed. Remember the need to show love to all of God’s children. Remember to work at resolving difficulties with others. And remember that even though you may have disagreements with some of your brothers, always treat them with the respect that Jesus would have. By faith we enter into the spiritual brotherhood, but we remain in it by the way we treat `the least ones of our brothers.

If we hold to these things and carry the meaning of the Remembrance Supper with us throughout our days, we will be having a share in the spiritual upliftment of our planet and will be making a name for ourselves where it counts – in the heavens – where our real treasures are stored.

We at TheChristExperiment pray that all lovers of Jesus share in this experiment with us to commemorate the Remembrance Supper together in solidarity and in unity. And we ask that you please share this message with others and encourage them to join in this year’s commemoration. This one celebration can do more to unite mankind, and especially the Fifth Revelation readers, than any other endeavor that can be conceived or promoted.

​May the indwelling spirit of the Father and the ever-present Spirit of Truth converge in your heart and move you to join in.


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