The Remembrance Supper

Never Alone

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We hope you plan on commemorating this important event, honoring the request of our Sovereign to ‘do this in remembrance of him.’ (UB 179:5.9)

We are in complete solidarity with all lovers of Michael who willingly subject themselves to his will and choose to commune with him on this special evening. We commemorate this event as a united family, not only for Michael who chose us as his bestowal planet, but also for the Divine Minister and all her myriads of children who support us.

We do this for Machiventa Melchizedek, our vicegerent Prince, as he watchers over Michael’s home planet. We do this for the Four and Twenty who are tasked with the oversight of the rebellion-torn worlds, and for Lanaforge as he works to unite his system and realign it with the Paradise circuits.

We do this for the Archangels who selected our planet to establish their headquarters, the angels of the churches who direct us, and the Magisterial Sons who visit to see how we are progressing. We do this for the Teacher Sons who watch and plan for the time when we will be ready for their ministry.

​We do this for all the Midwayers who care for us and our planet, and the Revelatory Commission that meticulously revealed all of this unknown reality. And, of course, we do this for our great unmatched ineffable Grand Father of All.

​It would seem that no other ritual that we Urantians could engage in would draw to our planet more celestial interest than this commemoration. What could be more interesting than to witness the progress of Michael’s ministry on the “World of the Cross.” And what better evening than the anniversary of ‘the only ceremony or sacrament associated with Jesus’ whole life mission.’ (UB 179:5.4)

As you participate in the reenactment of the Remembrance Supper, keep these things in mind. Know that you will not be commemorating alone. We are promised that when two or more are gathered together in Jesus’ name, he is present by means of the Spirit of Truth. That is the guarantee. But let us not forget that he is also present when there is only one person if that person invites him.

So however you will be commemorating this year, whether in a group or alone, be sure to invite Michael to commune with you, and know with your eyes of faith that he is present. But also know that the entire universe of Nebadon is with us in spirit, and some will be with us in person.

To put you in the right frame of mind, please take a look at our Remembrance Supper Videos:


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And have a wonderful evening!


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