The Idealogical Struggle

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Part 1 | Taking a Stand

In the Publication Mandate for The Urantia Book, we are told that we must have an army of teachers and leaders at the ready for a grand educational work after the conclusion of the present ideological struggle. We produced a video explaining that we believe the present ideological struggle is the same struggle raised by the Lucifer Rebellion – that is, true liberty verses false liberty, or liberty verses license. If you haven’t had an opportunity to view that video, be sure to check it out on our app Uniting Urantia (available at the Apple and Google stores) under the topic “Special Videos.”

While the rebellion was crushed by Michael upon the successful completion of his bestowal mission, the effects of the rebellion remain. And this residual effect is why we continue to experience the ideological struggle on our world. If we are correct that the ideological struggle is the struggle between liberty and license as presented by the Lucifer Rebellion, then it is imperative that we take our stand on the right side of the struggle.

Is it Necessary for Us to Take a Stand?

This is an interesting question. Since the struggle is celestial in origin, maybe it’s up to celestials to resolve it. Maybe all we need to do is be good people and work on our own personal relationship with the Fathers.

As the The Urantia Book explains, Michael chose to remain aloof from the rebellion until he completed his bestowal mission. In fact, that was the counsel given to him from the Paradise representatives. But this does not imply that others who support Michael should remain aloof. Let’s look at the record.

Gabriel did not take a hands-off approach. While it was not incumbent upon him to crush the rebellion or judge the rebels, it was within his job description as Chief Executive of the Universe to take a stand for righteousness. And that is what he did. Once Lucifer established his counter revolution, Gabriel took his stand upon the World of the Father and relentlessly countered the rebel propaganda. He showed why Lucifer’s so-called Declaration of Liberty was faulty, blasphemous, and destructive.

The Constellation Fathers likewise did their part. While they did not have authority to crush the rebellion or judge the rebels, it was within their power to cut off the circuits from Satania to confine the rebels to the local system and prevent them from infecting neighboring systems.

Then there was Manotia, the second in command of the Satania seraphim, who refused to participate in what she called “the insult to Michael.” While her superior fell victim to the sophistry, Manotia assumed control of her seraphic group with the help of the Melchizedeks, a majority of the Material Sons, and the ascendant mortals on Jerusem. Through their combined efforts, many personalities were saved.

We have the account of Ellanora, a young woman of the neighboring planet of Panoptia, who grasped the leadership of the human races, and prevented her world from falling victim to their rebellious planetary prince.

And, of course, we have the account of the mighty Van and his mortal associate Amadon who maintained loyalty to the universe government, and preserved the remnants of civilization until the arrival of Adam and Eve.

So what about us? Should we take a hands-off approach to the Lucifer rebellion? Should we stand idly by while the ideological struggle rages? Or is there something we can do, something that is within our power, and incumbent upon us as mortal faith sons of the heavenly Fathers?

It seems there is something we can do. Like Gabriel, we can take a stand to counter the rebellious sophistry. Gabriel’s method is set forth in Paper 53. It says:

. . . In the early days of the struggle Lucifer held forth continuously in the planetary amphitheater. Gabriel conducted an unceasing exposure of the rebel sophistries from his headquarters taken up near at hand. The various personalities present on the sphere who were in doubt as to their attitude would journey back and forth between these discussions until they arrived at a final decision.
(UB 53:5.6)

Gabriel’s method was education. He provided a space and a place for conversation. Many beings were misled because they could not comprehend that it was possible for such a dazzling personality as Lucifer to go astray. They were misled because they were adoring personalities. The solution, as presented by Gabriel, was to examine ideas, not personalities. Like Gabriel, we can provide a place where people can hear Michael’s point of view. This website is one place where Michael’s side of the ideological struggle can be heard.

Some may view taking such a stand as being too controversial – maybe even judgmental. But what we would be judging are theories and ideas, not people. The judging of ideas and theories is part and parcel of any ideological struggle. It really cannot be avoided. True liberty and false liberty cannot peacefully co-exist. One will prevail and one must be defeated. In the heavens, this is called “war.” And there will be casualties.

Unnecessary Delay

Then there is the matter of justice. When we think of the tremendous damage that has been caused by the rebellion, and the many ways we continue to suffer, it is understandable that we would long for the annihilation of the arch rebels. But could it be that we have a share in the delay? Could our actions or inaction be contributing to the delay?

This question arises because of what is recorded in Paper 54:

. . . . the Ancients of Days refuse to annihilate any being until all moral values and all spiritual realities are extinct, both in the evildoer and in all related supporters and possible sympathizers.
(UB 54:3.3)

Consider also what is recorded about Satan in Paper 43:

Since the triumph of Christ, all Norlatiadek is being cleansed of sin and rebels. Sometime before Michael’s death in the flesh, the fallen Lucifer’s associate, Satan, sought to attend such an Edentia conclave, but the solidification of sentiment against the archrebels had reached the point where the doors of sympathy were so well-nigh universally closed that there could be found no standing ground for the Satania adversaries. When there exists no open door for the reception of evil, there exists no opportunity for the entertainment of sin. The doors of the hearts of all Edentia closed against Satan; he was unanimously rejected by the assembled System Sovereigns, and it was at this time that the Son of Man “beheld Satan fall as lightning from heaven.”
(UB 43:4.9)

From this, we can conclude that until the Luciferian concepts are wholly rejected on our world, the Ancients of Days may refrain from annihilating the rebels. Thus, a delay in exposing the poisonous proclamations of Lucifer may prolong our planetary agony.

It is obvious that a large part of our society consciously or unconsciously adopts, sympathizes, or tolerates Luciferian ideas. And it seems that many people are not aware of what is in play on our world. Luciferian ideas are stitched into our government, our entertainment, our culture. Even our religious and so-called spiritual ideologies are unwittingly falling under the influence of Luciferian ideas, just as did millions of angels, and celestial beings. We will discuss a few of those ideas in the following articles.

But where is the counterbalance to all of this? Who is standing on “the World of the Father” showing the error of these ideas? Practically the entire readership in the Urantia Book community bear the banner of Michael – the three azure blue circles on a white background. We post it on nearly all of our websites and social media. We wear it on our clothing and jewelry. But do we understand the implications?

Bearing that standard means we are on Michael’s side of the controversy. We are not mere bystanders and onlookers. We are the ones with the knowledge and understanding of the depth and the breadth of the rebellion. We know its origin and we know its destiny.

It is therefore incumbent upon all who bear the standard to make the truth known with respect to the ideological struggle. We should not limit our discussions to cosmology. We cannot passively co-exist with Luciferian ideas. We must take a real stand on Michael’s side of the controversy, until, the struggle is won and the rebellious ideas are wholly and completely rejected.

So we encourage you to think about what has been said here. What can you do to take a stand on Michael’s side of the ideological struggle? How can you hasten the rejection of Luciferian ideas? Feel free to write us with your ideas, comments, or questions and maybe together we can make a difference.

And please consider enrolling in TheChristExperiment’s School of Ambassadors to develop and enhance your ministry skills so that you can be effective in promoting and supporting Michael’s side of the Ideological Struggle.

In the meantime, may the Spirit of Truth be with you.

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