The Opened Door

The Ideological Struggle

It is becoming more and more evident that we are engaged in a spiritual battle.  As the Apostle Paul put it, “a wrestling with spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12) But this is more than mere temptation to do evil.  It is more than contending with the struggles of mortal living.  There is an outright war being waged against mankind as a whole. It is a battle for our planet, our allegiance, and our faith.  We will win the battle, but how long it goes on depends on us.

What exactly is the issue we are waring about? And what can we do to accelerate our win?  The following articles answer these important questions and shows us how to be fellow workers and warriors with Jesus.


The School of Ambassadors

Both new and long time readers of The Urantia Book are so inspired by its contents that they want to share the revelation with others. But some are finding it difficult to penetrate the prejudice and reach hearts.

To help readers find effective ways of sharing the revelation, we invite you to enroll in The Christ Experiment's School of Ambassadors – the premier ministry school designed to equip Urantia Book readers with the skill to effectively disseminate the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  Visit the school and learn more.


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