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The Urantia Book consists of about 2,000 pages of straight text (no pictures), with 4 divisions of 196 little books, called “Papers.” It contains so much information that it can be overwhelming.

Ordinarily, when reading a new book, one would start at the beginning and read through to the end. That method is not always productive with The Urantia Book, and not, in our opinion, the best way to approach it, as anyone who has attempted this approach has come to realize. Within a very short time, sometimes within the first few pages, the complexity of the writing can overwhelm and discourage a new reader. But perhaps we can help.

Our first observation is that The Urantia Book is written from heaven downward, the way a celestial personality would present a revelation. But we have found that humans must approach the book from man upward. So, in our opinion, the best place to start is the last part of the book – Part 4, - The Life and Teachings of Jesus. In the Bible book of John, chapter 14 and verse 6, Jesus said he is “the way, the truth and the life.” Thus finding truth begins with finding Jesus.

Christians will have a much better opportunity to experience the guidance of the Spirit of Truth if they are able to compare what they read in Part IV of The Urantia Book to what they have already accept in the New Testament. Nevertheless, curiosity about the whole book must be satisfied. For that reason, we feel that a brief overview of the Table of Contents may satisfy the initial curiosity about Parts I, II and III, and allow the reader to get to the most important part of the book, Part IV.

The book begins with a Foreword – an introduction to the book and its principal terminology. First, we are told that “Urantia” is the name the heavens call the “Earth.” So when the word “Urantia” is used, it is referring to our planet. Then it explains that since there is much confusion about the words “God,” “divinity” and “deity,” they will provide some definitions and background information. But it warns that due to the difficulty in expressing heavenly matters in a human language, much of what they write will be approximations of truth – their best efforts to communicate enlarged concepts to the human mind. Then it gives a synopsis of the universe:

Urantia is one of the inhabited planets in the Local Universe of Nebadon. Nebadon is one of the Local Universes that make up the SuperUniverse of Orvonton. The Capital of Orvonton is Uversa, the place where the commission to prepare the Urantia Book originated. Orvonton is one of seven SuperUniverses that circle around the Central Universe of Havona. In the very center of Havona is the stationary Isle of Paradise, the geographic center of infinity and the dwelling place of the Eternal Father. Then there is the developing and as yet uninhabited universes of outer space. All of these universes make up what is called “The Grand Universe.”

To help you get a visual of The Grand Universe, below this video, is a link to a beautiful video created by another reader of The Urantia Book based on the description provided in the book. Be sure to watch that video.

Next, the Foreword provides an explanation of the true meaning of the words “God,” “divinity,” “deity” and related matters. This part is extremely complex reading. As you read some of it, you will have to pause after each sentence to ponder the meaning of that one sentence before you can read the next one.

Here is a breakdown of the remaining parts of the book.

  • Part 1 - The Central and SuperUniverses - is an introduction and exposition of Father, the Eternal Son, the Infinite Spirit, Paradise, the Central and Superuniverses, and the spirit personalities who dwell therein.
  • Part 2 - The Local Universe - is a introduction and discussion of our own Local Universe and the personalities that dwell therein. This Part also includes a timely exposition of the rebellion of Lucifer.
  • Part 3 - The History of Urantia - is a discussion and introduction to the origin of our planet and how it developed. This Part includes a comprehensive discussion of the default of Adam and Eve.
  • Part 4 - The Life and Teachings of Jesus - is a detailed account of the life and ministry of Jesus, from birth to resurrection to ascension. It covers every year of his life, and is recounted by personalities that were present on our planet at the time – firsthand eyewitnesses.

This is just a general overview of the main parts. As you delve into the Table of Contents, you will surely finds many, many subjects that interest you.

VIDEO - Journey Through the Universe by Gary Tonge

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