Critiquing The Urantia Book

The Best Friend The Bible Ever Had

The Urantia Book is in complete harmony with The Bible. Some think The Urantia Book conflicts with The Bible.  A closer looks reveals that The Urantia Book only conflicts with interpretations of The Bible, not The Bible itself. The truth is, The Urantia Book is The Bible’s Best Friend.

Resolving Apparent Conflicts Between The Urantia Book and The Bible

So how do we resolve the apparent conflicts between The Urantia Book and The Bible?  We recommend that you use the method Jesus used when he harmonized his teachings with Old Testament writings. Learn from the Master!


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Bolstering the Faith of Those Who Have Doubts About the Existence of God

Because God does exist, every argument against the existence of God is flawed and can be unraveled.

Read this little book today and unravel atheism tonight.

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